Advantages of Angular JS 2.0

AngularJS is a 6 year old javascript framework.Lot of things have changed since the first release of AngularJS. Angular 2 is a rewrite of AngularJS which addresses these changes in web development.
Angular 2 is a platform for building web and mobile applications.So we can build variety of applications in angular 2 from web applications to mobile applications.

Following are some of the distinguishing features of Angular 2.

Applications developed in Angular 2 have wider reach:

Cross platform

Angular JS 2.0 is designed with approach mobile first.

We can create applications for the web using Angular 2 which will work on different platform such as iOS and windows.

Responsive applications for web and mobile

Angular 2 web applications are responsive so that they will work on different devices.

Native applcations for ios and android

Native mobile applications are optimized for specific mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.So native mobile applications build with angular are better in terms of performance.

Better architecture

Angular works with Typescript which is a strongly language.By using TypeScript developers can develop object oriented applications in Angular 2.TypeScript allows developers to use language features such as classes and interfaces while developing Angular 2 applications.

Server side rendering

Server side rendering improves the speed of page rendering since the rendering happens on the server instead of client.So if the page is being rendered on a mobile device then server side rendering could have significant impact on the page load time.

Server side rendering improves the initial page load time on the server.
Also in some scenarios  initial page load could be very slow:

  • if there is a slow web service call
  • if the rendered html is complicated

Server side rendering is useful in such scenarios.

Also server side rendering is better from SEO perspective.

Faster web applications.

Angular 2 is 2.5 times faster than angular 1

Less learning curve

Angular 2 is easy to learn than angular 1.Less learning curve than angular 1.If you are just starting with angular you can start with angular 2.0 instead of angular 1.0.Since angular 2 uses several new features such as components and language typescript which is a superset of javascript ,developer need not learn Angular 1 to learn Angular 2.


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