HTTP method attributes in WebAPI

Action methods are selected in WebAPI based on the HTTP method used to make the request.This means that if HTTP GET method is used to make the request then action methods whose names are beginning with Get are selected.For example following action method will handle HTTP GET requests :

However sometimes we need to name our action methods differently.In such a scenario we can include specific attributes while declaring action methods.In this case action method will be selected based on the attribute used to declare the action method.Following are some of the useful attributes :

HttpGet     Maps the HTTP get requests to the action method
HttpPut    Maps the HTTP put requests to the action method
HttpPost    Maps the HTTP post requests to the action method
HttpDelete    Maps the HTTP delete requests to the action method
AcceptVerbs   Maps the specified HTTP methods to the action method

In the following example action method is called FindStudentById. Though the action method does not include get in its name it will still handle the HTTP GET requests because it is declared with the attribute [HttpGet]

Below action method will handle the POST requests :

Specifying multiple HTTP verbs

We can specify multiple HTTP verbs for a single action method using AcceptVerbs attribute.We pass the verbs to the attribute as a comma separated values.

Following action method will handle both the put and post requests.This is because the get and put values are specified while declaring the attribute


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