Unstaging in Git

Version control tools such as Git are used in most of the development projects.Though version control systems such as Git simplifies things but at the same time it requires proper understanding of the tool to work with it efficiently.

While working with Git two of the common operations are:

  • Adding a file to staging area
  • Committing files

When we stage a file in Git sometimes we may mistakenly stage a wrong file.In such scenarios we can remove a file from a staging area using the below commands.

Remove file from only staging area

Sometimes we may need to remove a staged file and not the working directory.In such a scenario we can use the following Git command

Here we are removing a file test.txt from staging area:

staging in git

We can also use the below command:

The above command will not remove the file from versioning.

remove file from index and working directory

The above command will remove the file from staging area as well as the working directory.

dry run

If you just want to check which files will be removed without actually removing the files then you can use the following command:

above command don’t actually removes any files but just tells which files will be removed

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