Learn the basics of web development and programming.Following are some of the topics you can go through.These cover the topics which are expected in most of the programming jobs.I believe strong basics of any technology are absolutely necessary if you want to master it.Today new technologies are being launched and existing ones are being updated very frequently.It is useful for everybody to be updated with these latest technology updates.Tutorials on Programming and development.There are tutorials on Programming and  Web Development related to MVC,jQuery,C#,AngularJS,Angular 2,TypeScript,SQL,WPF,Design Patterns,Android,Java.

TypeScript TypeScript is a language which is a SuperSet of JavaScript and compiles to JavaScript.

AngularJS JavaScript framework for developing front end for web applications.

Angular2 Complete rewrite of previous version of AngularJS.Supports TypeScript.

WPF   Learn basics of WPF  which is a framework for developing windows applications

C# Programming language for developing applications on the .NET framework

ASP.NET MVC   ASP.NET Framework for developing web applications using MVC pattern.

jQuery JavaScript framework.

DesignPatterns Reusable solutions to common design problems in software.

Commonly asked Interview Questions and AnswersThese are some of the basic and advanced questions asked in technical interviews

LINQ LINQ or Language Integrated Query helps in integrating querying capability in our C# application.

Python Object Oriented Programming language.Used in AI and machine learning.

ASP.NET Core is cross platform ,open source version of ASP.NET

Machine Learning allows applications to learn from experience